School Work Experience

As part of our commitment to ongoing education and support of our local community, we offer a limited number of placements to local Year 10 students participating in the Victorian Secondary School Work Experience Program.

Veterinary work can be difficult and emotional, but also rewarding. Understanding this and experiencing what it is like to work with animals will help you to make a decision also about whether you prefer to pursue the nursing side or to study at university to be a veterinarian.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in veterinary work, then getting a first-hand idea of exactly what this involves is a good step toward achieving your dream.



Local Year 10 students who have been assessed and approved by their School Careers Co-ordinator for their suitability to work with animals can apply for work-experience with the Cobram Veterinary Clinic.

As part of this assessment you will be asked to complete a PROPOSED WORK EXPERIENCE WITH ANIMALS: SUMMARY OF STUDENT’S EXPERIENCE FORM. A signed copy must be provided to the Cobram Veterinary Clinic before your application will be considered.



Secondary-school students should approach us personally to enquire about work-experience and introduce themselves to the Clinic Coordinator or Senior Nurse. Parents are welcome to accompany their child on this initial visit, however it is vital that students demonstrate their ability to communicate and engage with our staff.

In addition to the PROPOSED WORK EXPERIENCE WITH ANIMALS: SUMMARY OF STUDENT’S EXPERIENCE FORM, students should provide a brief detail sheet to leave with us, which includes your name and contact details, the name of your school, year level, relevant course, the name and contact details of your school careers co-ordinator and at least 3 preferred commencement dates.

If preferred, this information can be emailed to prior to calling into the clinic.



If the clinic is able to accommodate your placement you will be advised of your commencement date as soon as possible.

You will then need to liaise with your school to organise the relevant paperwork, which must include a Work Experience Travel Form to enable students to accompany our Vets on farm-calls and house-visits.


CLICK HERE for up-to-date information regarding the Victorian School Work Experience Program.

Work Experience Arrangement Form

Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form