Quality pet foods are available from veterinary clinics and some pet food stores.

They are available in formulations to suit dogs of all sizes, ages and activity levels in both tinned and dried varieties.

Veterinarian recommended products have a variety of nutritional benefits for your dog such as:

  • High grade quality protein which is primarily derived from meat (rather than cereal). Meat based protein is highly palatable and easy for dogs to digest. 
  • Optimal fibre levels. Too much dietary fibre results in reduced digestibility and interferes with the absorption of other good nutrients.
  • Optimal essential fatty acid levels - Important to maintain healthy skin and coat, control inflammation and reduce itching due to allergies.
  • Highly digestible diets resulting in a small volume of stools with less smell.
  • Highly palatable which means less waste through uneaten food.
  • Available in special formulations that provide therapeutic nutrition for pets with specific diseases and disorders (eg. Kidney disease).

Your first impression may be that these premium diets are expensive compared with supermarket brands. However, because of their high digestibility and high caloric density, your dog needs less of these foods to meet its nutritional needs.

When this is taken into consideration and a cost per day is calculated, they compare favourably, especially when the quality of the ingredients and the consequent benefits are considered.

Different brands of pet food recommend different amounts of food depending on the size, age and energy requirements of your dog. The instructions provided on the packaging of food should give you an indication of the amount you should serve.

We also recommend that you speak with one of our veterinary health care team who can advise the right type and amount of food for your friend. We encourage you to discuss your concerns with us, particularly if you are worried about weight loss/gain or feeding a new puppy.



For more information regarding the food range and benefits, click on the logo to be redirected to the company website.

We can order most other brands of pet food. Special orders generally take 2 days to arrive and must be paid when the order is placed.

To order a specific brand of pet food, please speak to Belinda, Rob or Zach.