Blood Donor Dogs

Is your dog a HERO?


Like humans, animals suffering from life threatening illness and injury may require life-saving transfusions. As a result, we require volunteers to join our blood donor program.

Your pet could assist us in saving the lives of others!

Why do we need blood?

Rat bait poisoning, bleeding tumours, autoimmune diseases, severe anaemia and trauma are just some of the reasons that our canine friends may need blood.

What’s involved?

Donating blood is a straightforward procedure that carries very little risk to healthy donors.

We do not keep a blood bank but collect blood from our list of donors when a patient requires a transfusion, which means that we need a list of suitable donors who we can contact when we have a patient in trouble.

Which dogs are eligible?

Dogs need to meet the following criteria to be considered >> >>

If your dog meets all of these requirements then they are half way to becoming one of our CANINE HEROES!

 What to do next..

Please contact us at the Cobram Veterinary Clinic to register your interest and discuss your dogs’ eligibility with one of our vets.

If your dog is suitable he or she will be added to our Canine Hero Blood Donor List and we will contact you if an animal requires a transfusion.